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Our Story

My FUNiture story was started in December, 2015; but it was born the day when the idea of making and creating furniture so unique that it was equally fun for kids, came to our head.  We are a studio for designing and creating children’s furniture with the use of natural materials and a combination of traditional and modern construction techniques. We have been working with the 200-year-old traditional craft form of Channapatna and also engaging with skilled artisans in Bengal.

Our Vision

“We didn’t know we were creating memories, we were just having FUN!”

MyFUNitureStory started with a vision to make furniture interactive and friendly for children, with contemporary designs and sustainable material. We aim to become not a store but a community for parents and by the parents just like the furniture we design.

Our Features



Our open-ended products grow as the child grows creating different usages while thinking out of the box.



My FUNiture Story is a community, and we believe that TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER.


We appreciate and include different craft forms and would love for your child to be introduced to these forms through our furniture.


We create with a modernistic approach while being tied to our roots.


All our products are eco-friendly, and are not harmful to your child or the nature.


We bring elements from the nature, for your child to stay connected with the environment.


In this fast-paced world it is important to to live and exist mindfully- our furniture helps you with it.

About The Founder

As an architect and mother, life changed for me with the birth of my daughter in May 2014. Along with wielding the architect’s T scale, I had to don the mother’s apron! As I stepped into the role of designer for my daughter’s room, I felt my passion unfolding: My passion for putting fun, beauty, learning into the everyday life of curious innocent children.

I intended to create a space where every element and every surface, reaches out to her innocent spirit and teaches her something about the beautiful world outside. A space where learning becomes passive and enjoyable. The innocent mind absorbs colour, vibrancy and many other elements. For them, textures and shapes come together to weave a fascinating story. I wanted to extend the same beauty to more kids and so I decided to create with a team of outstanding artisans that Bengal is well known for.

With the love and support of friends and family, I have been able to expand my dream further. My curiosity and passion to learn more about the local handicrafts of our country led me to explore Channapatna, Karnataka. In collaboration with a team of traditional craftsmen, individually designed Channapatna elements are combined with modern materials to create the Channapatna collection, a perfect blend of the new and the old, the comfortable and the classic.

My experience as a  furniture design student in Florence brought my knowledge and experience of Italian furniture design up close while interacting with industry veterans. This led to several meetings with many prominent Italian furniture designers, as a result of which the MFS family became the exclusive distributor of the Italian brand METOO.

This is My FUNiture Story. Come and join this community!

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