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Carving Future

Learning Spaces for Schools and Corporates

We Provide Design and Consultation to schools and corporates. When you invest in Learning Space Design, you invest in rewarding, enriched education.

My FUNiture Story is proud to offer expert school classroom design & planning services, helping you transform your learning environment.

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Some Of Our Projects

What Do We Offer

Space Design and Implementation

The complete range of architecture and educational space planning services. We provide design consultation offer to develop world-class learning spaces in school buildings this involves – master planning, concept design, schematic design, design developments.

Our process Involves
Furniture and School supplies

No classroom is complete without a set of vibrant, comfortable, and Safe furniture for children. We design and develop size-appropriate school supplies from table chairs to wall games.

Furniture for School


What is the process and offerings in custom orders?

A) For Spaces: We provide custom designing consultancy for spaces for children. This starts with a brief call where the client shares their requirement and then shares the site pictures and any references of their vision. We then schedule a discovery call to understand more in detail the requirements, aspirations and the vision of the client.

At Design stage 1and 2, we share moodboards of the design to suggest the concepts, followed by a circulation design, with all the layouts and suggested furniture and accessories. The feedback from the client is very crucial at this stage to collate all the ideas together.

At the final design stage, we incorporate all the different ideas discussed earlier to create a complete document with all details of the space, furniture, colour palettes, and drawings.

After a final meeting where we take the client through the document, we handover the file with any minor changes if any.

B)For products:  We have a range of products that we have designed before. Based on the total quantity and timeline, we offer customisation of products. 

What are the timelines for Space Design

Our average timeline for a project is 3-4 weeks through the complete design process. For certain requirements, we have been able to make exceptions too.

How much time does it take for Product Customization

Depending on the scale of the products and quantity, the design timeline could be between 2-3 weeks and production could be between 2-4 weeks.

What are the usual budgets for getting a design consultation for a school or play area

Since these are custom projects, it completely depends on the requirements, scale of project and timeline. Please DM us on whatsapp, Instagram or leave a query on our website and we will revert to you!

What all is included in a design consultation

Please refer to the question on custom projects, which details out our processes and offerings under Design Consultation.

Can you help us in installing or making the children's space also?

Yes we do take up execution work for some projects. Based on timelines, budget and location ,we can confirm the possibility of execution of the project.

Can you provide examples of your previous design projects for children's spaces?

We have worked on several preschools and primary schools in different parts of the country including some branches of Kangaroo kids, Little Millenium and certain individually owned schools as well. We have also designed some unique projects like a  Therapy centre for children with special needs, a school elevation design, play area cafes, pretend play areas and complete play areas too.

What is the process for creating a custom design for a residential play area?

Our process for residential play areas remains the same as our custom designed projects.

Can you integrate sustainable and eco-friendly elements into the design of children's spaces?

We usually use consciously chosen materials in all our projects. We are also always open to exploring new materials that the client would like.

Are your design concepts adaptable to different age groups and developmental stages of children?

Yes, Our Designs are usually open ended to grow with the child or allow for varied experiences for a relatively larger age group. We try to optimise the usage of all the products and projects we design.

How do you handle design challenges related to limited space in urban environments?

Good design is especially important for small spaces so we can optimise the usage of the space to its maximum. We love a good challenge!

Can you provide a cost estimate for a customized design project for a play area or school?

Yes we definitely can! Drop us a dm with your requirements and we will revert to you!

Do you offer any post-design services, such as maintenance or updates to the design?

We do not have any maintenance as part of our offerings, but we are always available when you are ready to upgrade and update your space!

What materials do you recommend for durability and safety in children's spaces?

There are several materials, new and traditional in the market which are used in Children’s spaces. The application and finishing are key points in the materials we use.

Can you create multi-functional spaces that can adapt to different activities and events?

Yes, usually all schools and play areas need such spaces which can be used for multiple types of functions and we have experience in designing such spaces in most of our projects.

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