Midi 4 - 9 YearsMini 1 - 5 Years

Stationery Tray


Flat Packed: A sleek and simple tray which directs a child in organizing their work space. 5 removable organizing coves allow to categorize the stationary.

  • Blend of modern new age material RELWOOD and 250 year old craft from from Channapatna.
  • Blend of sleek lines of modern design and handcrafted wooden lacquered pen coves.
  • Allows to create the study area in any space with the ease of movement of the stationary.
  • Made of a single piece of new age sheet bent to form.
  • Each piece is uniquely and completely hand crafted.
  • Craftsmen in Bengal and craftsmen in Channapatna coming together as a team to create the end product
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Midi 4 – 9 Years, Mini 1 – 5 Years

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