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My Learnings From My Travel to Italy and Visiting Schools There : Learning Everyday

An architect from more than a decade and a half, and almost a decade of running My FUNiture Story, I realised I was itching to learn more!
I had earmarked 2023, as my year for upskilling – how and where I did not know!

I truly believe, that once an intention is set, the universe finds a way to make things work- and so it happened with me – where I came across the perfect course, which seemed tailor designed for my upskilling requirements while also fitting into my very busy work and personal life!
The Masters in Designing for Kids and Toys was a godsend format which allowed me to study several detailed modules, while also getting hands on experience with international well known brands like Hape, with a group of international colleagues- each one bringing in something unique!
My workshop months where I spent over 9 weeks in Milan, were a power packed rich experience with so much to see, experience and learn everyday!

Atithi Devo Bhava is not just a saying in India.

I was interacting with students from 7 different countries, different stages of their careers; Learning from varied interactions with experts in the field of technology, events, psychology, and special needs! Besides the core learning- which in itself was so unique for me considering I was back in a classroom after 15 years, there was learning which continued way beyond the classroom.

On one hand, the local culture, the local language, the customs and mannerisms seemed new and unique- on the other hand more often than not I felt the connect of being human- of feeling the same emotions of disappointment, anticipation, joy and sharing the same jokes!

While I made connections with so many people in the class, at my Air BnB, at my Pilates class and even with a little shop owner in the little town of Alba, I truly felt the warmth of connecting with so many individuals one on one so unexpectedly just by being open to it! I also found connection with people who have been deeply touched by Indian culture, by Yoga and even the Bhagvad Gita!

My visit to some of the schools there on my subsequent visit also warmed up my heart just observing again how little kids around the world have so much in common! I saw my daughters and their behavior patterns in the school kids around me. I may not have been able to understand their language as well- but nevertheless I was able to understand and recognize a lot of their behavior patterns!

Another big learning for me was how the systems all felt so flat there. Every job and every person was given the same respect. No job or work for too menial or small for anyone to do. The sense of pride in each job felt so refreshing and pleasant!

Little towns on the outskirts of Milan, non accessible to tourists became my everyday commute for those few weeks. Local in my comfort of recognizing the routes, yet knowing this was a short journey- the experience left me with a taste of Italian culture I truly cherish!

I also learnt to appreciate a lot of the aspects of Indian culture which are so unique yet built into our systems. Athithi devo bhava is not just a saying in India!

My few weeks and months of travel in the beautiful country of Italy which welcomed me with open arms, made me feel at home away from home, taught me so much more than I had set out to learn!

joy, and sharing the same jokes.