Interactive and Fun!(1)
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Interactive and Fun!

A door that opens into The Enchanted Garden (bed ), The Swinging 7’ bed – the Bright beautiful wooden Fish along the swinging ropes , a series of arches to create a Cozy space and the chair that one can build and paint themselves too; A 3d Puzzle that transforms into a Fun Shelf- for books , toys or even a make believe Doll house, another Set of Slabs which become a complete Playhouse – isn’t this what wonderland looks like!

Dreaming, ideating and walking through these products is a stroll through our own Disney land! 

We celebrate childhood. The innocence. The curiosity. The Ability.

It is that time of human life when the Wonder of Life is alive, where little things thrill and when the little humans start building the foundations of their Big personalities.

The Build It Yourself series inculcates the sense of ownership of their things, while also subtly teaching about balance, strength and creating the Wonder of creating through experience!

The chairs which allow children to paint and creatively explore their talent, embeds a sense of pride every time they see it and use it and also share it. Every single time.

The playhouse becomes a project during a playdate or a cozy reading nook to call his own in the busy living room.

A bed designed with the inbuilt features of side rails, soft padding and multiple toy chests, grows along with the child while becoming her safe place through its comfort and familiarity.

A swinging bed lulls a little one to sleep, and become s soothing space to listen to music and read for the teenager; the workstation can still be used for quick documents and a snack as the years go by!

When we say value added, we mean it.

Furniture Designed For Children, allowing and encouraging independent usage as well as assisted creating , multi use through different functionalities or through the years, inculcating confidence , pride and independence – these are intrinsic Values of MFS.

The joy is sparked every time we see a little 3 year old choose his own books from His Shelf or a 5 year old sitting at His Table with all his attention in his coloring book; when a 2 year old steadies herself on Her Rainbow step stool and reaches over the counter to see what her mother is doing ; when a little Workstation is placed next to Mummy’s office table while both concentrate on their task at hand!

While the products create comfort and Fun for the children, they spark the Joy of Fun for the adults too- in the parents who have invested in their children’s development and in the lucky us to get to dream, ideate and create them!