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Sustainable and Ecological

Words which seem to be doing the rounds a lot more lately, Sustainability is a word which is oftentimes misunderstood and sometimes misused too.

Little bits of conscious decision making, long sustained usage, the recyclability of a material all add up at My FUNiture Story. Sustaining traditional craft forms is also a part of our vision which is very close to my heart.

In today’s times, the use and throw mentality is fast spreading. This is very unlike the traditional Indian way where often times generations live together, where cultural traditions are carried on through generations, where the bright torch of culture and tradition are imbibed into the next generations seamlessly. Mothers often find innovative ways to reuse everyday home products- the Kanjeevarams, the perfect mortar pestle and the dose pan too find their way through the years into new younger homes! India is a culture of keeping and saving before spending.

Furniture too has been something that the family invests in with great thought and keeps for generations.

At My FUNiture story, we would like to become a part of Your story- one where a beautifully crafted desk is used by 2 siblings , possibly the parent too and when friends and cousins visit, it becomes an epi center of activity and camaraderie.

Furniture and children’s products become steady companions in building up the confidence and personality of the child. Just as a person is known through the friends he keeps, the lifestyle, created by the choices made, shapes the foundation of choices of the future.

Products made in natural ecological materials have a calming effect on the children, just as nature and being in nature does.

When the children can safely and independently use the products in their environment, it encourages them to explore independent activities.

The scale of the furniture relates to the child, so does the design. 

It’s not scaled down to the child. It is designed For The Child and Children.

A small table, once a working desk, re forms itself as a side table, just by virtue of change of placement and set up!

Our tables are designed for sustained use.

Experts not, just a mother sharing with other mothers. I hope we can together make a small difference and arm our children with the values that Sustain them through a positive and meaningful life ahead.