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Wooden Furniture For Children

There’s something about stepping into a natural environment that puts us humans at ease. There’s something about the mountains, the beach, or even a park which allows our mind to relax. Our little humans too relate beautifully to the muddy puddle on the ground, the little twigs and leaves they like to collect in the outdoors and the thrill on a swing with the breeze in their hair can never be matched up to by gadgets or video play!

All our human senses also react to nature and its materials in their most natural accepting way.

Nature grounds us, so do natural materials.

Wooden surfaces feel natural by virtue of their texture, their temperature, the way it has a feeling of weight and being grounded. Just how Goldilocks found the perfectly right bed and bowl and chair, wood seems to be the perfect right between too heavy metal and too light plastic !

Also, human creations carry the energy of the creator. The magic that creates transfers a bit of the magic into each product that passes through their hands. 

I believe in the magic of human connect; the way humans connect over grief miles apart; of how a birthday is a celebration of all the connects and wishes one receives; the way happiness multiplies and sadness gets divided as we share and connect;  when humans create, the joy is embedded into the product.

Nature is moldable, soft, impressionable- just like our children. Wood allows us to creatively layer so many functionalities, aesthetics, uniqueness when we create with wood. It is magical.

When children experience furniture, they do so with all their senses – the way they relate to the size visually, the touch, the feeling of movement, the strength with which they feel supported, the sound of movement and sometimes the little ones try to experience the products with their mouth too! 

I do believe wooden furniture, Designed for children, with the right Ergonomics, Non obtrusive in the visuals, Grounded in their stability and allowing for Independent usage add immense value in building the foundations of a Confident, Curious, Carefree child of a Conscious decision maker parent!