furniture story

Lets begin at the beginning!

18 Months since My FUNiture story was born and many many more since it was conceived, but starting right at the start is the only way it makes sense!

As an architect and mother, life changed for me with the birth of my daughter in May 2014. Along with wielding the architect’s t scale, I had to don the mother’s apron!

As I stepped into the role of designer for my daughter’s room, I felt my passion unfolding: my passion for putting across fun, beauty, learning into the everyday life of curious innocent children. My intention was to create a room where every element, every surface reached out to her ever absorbing innocent mind, teaching her something about the big beautiful world outside- a space where learning becomes passive and fun.
An area that teaches by just being there.

The innocent mind absorbs the colors, the vibrancy, different elements. Different textures and shapes all come together to weave enchanted tales.

Safety and freedom of movement is essential for the well-being of our children. Padded surfaces, well rounded edges and corners allowed the free movement of my young child just learning to tread.

Equipped with my education as an architect and designer and experience as a new mother, I set out to design and create with a team of the brilliant artisans that Bengal is known for.

Personal appreciation and encouragement from friends and family helped my dreams to spread farther as I expanded my passion to reach out to more children.

My curiosity and passion to discover more about the indigenous crafts of our culturally rich country took me on an exploration to Channapatna, Karnataka.

Working with a team of traditional artisans there gave birth to our Channapatna collection where custom designed Channapatna elements marry the modern materials of today to create beautiful blends of the new and old, of the comfortable and classic.

My experience as a student of furniture design in Florence added the knowledge and exposure of Italian furniture design from close quarters as I interacted with veterans from the industry. This led to several meetings with many established furniture designers in Italy culminating in obtaining the sole distributorship of the Italian brand METOO by our then expanding MFS family.

The My FUNiture Story family was thus born in December 2015!