THE London Design Festival
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THE London Design Festival!

3-2-1…Doesn’t the countdown to big events always roll down faster? We are in a state of frenzy! I don’t know how this always happens, irrespective of how many hours and days and weeks may have been invested in meticulously planning, organizing, delegating and constructing! But it IS our BIG EVENT! Our little store with its big wings of ambition will be soaring over the oceans and continents to reach London- The Design capital of the world. It is amazing how one moment all the details feel overwhelming, but slowly and gradually how each team member contributes to bring some order to the chaos! Our store in Calcutta is busy putting together the finishing touches on soon to be launched products, packing , flying. In Hyderabad, we are trying to get all the logistics in order- tickets, baggage, backdrops, invoicing. Friends in London are trying to locally do their bit- Its an international affair all right!

We are so excited to finally jump right into the frenzy and live the moments we’ve all been working so hard to put together! London Design Festival- MFS is ready to take you by storm!